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Personal Training Options

  • Private Personal Training Sessions
  • Group (3+ people)

A personal training session is approximately 1 hour in length. We are focused on strength training for the entire body – aka weight training or resistance training. Group training is a great option for people who have some experience with strength training and like the support of a group setting.

Private $60/session

Join A Group!


  • Sunday: 10:30am
  • Monday: 8am, 5:15pm, 7:45pm
  • Tuesday: 5:30am, 9am
  • Wednesday: 10:15am, 5:15pm, 7:45pm
  • Thursday: 5:30am, 9am
  • Friday: 7am, 10am, 4:30pm
  • Saturday: 8am

Group $35 1x/week, $30 2 or more x/week

Inside Megan's Fitness
Inside Megan's Fitness



Spin – Join us for a fun and energizing cardio workout that will give you a huge metabolism boost! This class is great for all levels.

Spin & Core – This class is broken up between a great cardio workout on the spin bikes and a killer core workout on the mats. We will torch body fat then focus on strengthening some of the most important muscles in the body! Mats are provided.

Total Body Conditioning – This is a high intensity cardio based class. We’ll move through exercises in a circuit-like fashion. This class in recommended for people who are looking for a high intensity interval training workout.

Yoga – This mind and body experience will help you decrease stress, improve your mental focus, and increase overall flexibility. We alternate Yin and Slow Flow.

  • 1 class = $10
  • 10 classes = $90
  • 20 classes = $160
  • Unlimited month = $75

Class Schedule


  • 5:30am Total Body Conditioning


  • 6:15pm Total Body Conditioning
  • 7:30pm Yoga


  • 5:30am Total Body Conditioning
  • 9:00am Total Body Conditioning/Spin
  • 6:30pm Spin & Core


  • 9:00am Spin/TBC
  • 6:00pm Theme Spin (one Friday of the month)


  • 9:15am Spin & Yoga

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A Workout That's Right For You!


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A Workout That's Right For You!

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